Bands and people involved in the making

Here’s some cool new or relatively new songs from the bands and individuals who were part of the making of the new Violence.


Anzi Destruction – who recorded our upcoming album at his Chemistry Studios – released recently his own new album. Here’s one of my favourites from the “Black Dog Bias” album, the track called “Big Enemy”.

And here’s a stylish music video for the single “I Let You Dive”. Check it out and for more info


Former keyboardist of Wankers Of The Zoo Crew (WOTZC) Tommi Salomaa played a big part in arranging keyboards and strings as well as programming samples to our new album. His ex-band just released cool track “Overrated” which features the motherfucking Jari “Siltsu” Sillanpää! How cool is that?! Give it a listen below!

For more info:

And Tommi’s own blog:

Cold Cold Ground

Here is a band V FOR VIOLENCE has done a lot together with! We’ve shared the same stage on many occations, had a Turpashokki MMXI mini tour together and what not, so of course we had to invite them to our recording sessions of the new record! Unfortunately, they decided to quit recently, still looking forward to their comeback. Here’s one of my personal favourites tracks “Things Fall Apart” from the band’s last album “Lies About Ourselves”. Give it a listen below.
For more info:

And “Model Citizen” too!

Greetings, J.L