V at Letkurock 2014 -festival

V at Letkurock 2014 -festival

Long time no shitbursting live violence see!

Better put those suites on right away and order thy los fucking Ticketinos!: V For Violence can be seen live 9.8.2014 at LetkuRock 2014 -festival in Letku, Tammela along with acts such as hard-onishing Frantic Amber (SWE), shockingly anal/visual Evestus (EST) and gold selling (!!!) Black Light Discipline (KUO). The setlist will consist mainly of the upcoming album’s songs, so be there or not to be or Britney shakes spears?

Here we go again!


TurpaKeikka MMXII: 2011 cancellations replaced

TurpaKeikka MMXII: 2011 cancellations replaced

Turpakeikka MMXI posterAs some might remember, our gig in Helsinki in early 2011 was unfortunately cancelled, which was a part of the planned Turpashokki MMXI mini tour. Almost a year has passed and now it finally seems possible to replace it.

Well, what would be better way to start the year MMXII than a compensatory gig with the good ol’  Cold Cold Ground fuckups!? And, to make the shit really hit the fan, we have got another group who cancelled their show also on our menu: Evestus from Estonia will be opening the night!

Come and experience TurpaKeikka MMXII on 6th of January 2012 in Helsinki, Semifinal!

Updates and other info: facebook event page

Horns up ja peukku perseeseen!

P.S. You just might hear a couple of brand new V-beats there!

“Tämä on semmonen eräänlainen jatke vuoden 2011 Turpashokki -minikiertueelle. Niinhän siinä viimeksi kävi, että osallistumisensa Helsingin keikalle ryssi V For Violence ja Turussa menosta puolestaan puuttui virolainen Evestus.”

TURPASHOKKI MMXI: Cold Cold Ground and V FOR VIOLENCE tour together in March

TURPASHOKKI MMXI: Cold Cold Ground and V FOR VIOLENCE tour together in March

Turpashokki minitour MMXI

Cold Cold Ground and V For Violence are here to put some dicks in your mouths and break your faces! This touring freakshow will perform in 5 cities in Southern Finland: Turku, Karjaa, Tampere, Hyvinkää and Helsinki. It is called TURPASHOKKI MMXI. On some of the shows there’s also some other kick-ass bands. See the dates below:

4.3. S-Osis, Turku + Apples of Idun & Evestus[est]
5.3. Pub Norris, Karjaa
10.3. Vastavirta, Tampere + Scorngrain
11.3. Pelikenttä, Hyvinkää + Thai Massacre
12.3. Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki

Updates and more info can be found on Facebook: here.


V FOR VIOLENCE at Finnish Metal Expo! Mr.Kunt couldn’t attend.


Due to unfortunate circumstances Mr. Kunt couldn’t participate in Finnish Metal Expo. Mr. Kunt had been in hospital for the last five days. His recovery will take some time, but most likely it is going to happen some day.

Miikka Tikka (New Dawn Foundation, Vanity Beach) covered for the asshole. See the video above.

Band was also giving some free shit at Live Nation’s exhibition stand at 19:00. Meet & greet & stuff… Thanks for everyone who came!