The Downfall Pt. II:
When it is the time
give me a sign,
We shouldn’t hide much longer.
And our love is of a kind
that needs a sacrifice
of all there ever was.
When the time is right
the Beast will rise
from the depths of Hell
to bring the world to it’s end
When the world of men
comes to it’s end
our love will begin.
I want you to know..
I’m waiting for you at the end of the world
I’m waiting for you to come to embrace this love
with a sacrifice of all there ever was
It’s time
It is the end of time
at the verge of our love

It’s time
The fire in our hearts
shall burn the world to ground

It’s time
Let me take you down
to a place in time, my love,
where nothing is and never will
between us, above, below

I’m waiting
Let me take you down

When the fires of Hell burns the Earth
and the sky is filled with ash, our love in bloom
The Armageddon, Amourageddon
Angels of Death and Cupidos, too
We’re going down to a place in time
Where nothing is between nor above or below
We’re going down

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