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I am the question unanswered
The story that needs to be told.
I am the song I exist to be sang
by the people to the people
who never had any other way…
Out of the cage you created.
Your rules don’t apply to us.
They don’t exist in our fearless context.
Yet you feed us with the answers to
the question that was never even made.
I am inside of them…
Shut the fuck up!
I’ve got something to say:
»I am the only way!»
Get the fuck up!
It’s the sound of change!
You’ve got something to say?
I am a thought growing up inside you.
An idea that finally defines you.
The only hope when everything’s lost.
When it’s getting dark
I am the light that will
show you the way!
And I will not let myself fade away.
I will burn like the Alfa Andromadea.
I am the cure to all ill.
I am a remedy for the people for the sick
who don’t have anything left.
I am inside of you…
And I say…
I’ve got something to say:
»I am here to stay».
I’ve got something to say,
the sound of change
is here to stay.
And the mistakes you have made,
they cannot be erased.
The time has come
for the world to change.
Fight your mind to find yourself.
Liberate the Hated Saint,
unmask its hidden face.
The more you live this fucked up life
the more you start to realize
everything’s fucked up.
But I will not fail.